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Make an appointment. Office consultation.

For a consultation in office, thank you to join by phone or email to make an appointment.


+33 06 43 43 05 25

Consultation by phone


1st consultation by phone :

This is a one-hour phone consultation. As part of a weight loss, you need to schedule follow-up appointments.

These sessions are for men and women, young adults to seniors. I propose a personalized program because during the first session a report is made and it will be adapted over the course of sessions according to your needs.
I answer your questions 7d/7d and 24h/24h.

The advantage is that you do not weigh anything, you do not count points either! You can continue to go to the restaurant if you need it in professional or personal settings. Quickly you find your tone and good energy. Weight loss is sustainable!

The consultation costs 150 euros.
Once the payment made, thank you to send me a photo of you or the person concerned, with your name and first name in 06 43 43 05 25.


2nd consultation, etc. :

The consultation costs 70 euros it lasts at most 30 minutes. The consultation must be settled at least 48 hours in advance otherwise, the appointment is not maintained.