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What happens in a hypnosis session?

I run 2 hour sessions that are designed to understand what brings you to my practice through conversation and hypnosis. At the end of the first session, we decide together on the number of further sessions required. For guidance, a single session may be sufficient but two or three sessions are usually necessary for a lasting change. For weight loss, we will discuss your eating habits, your expectations, your questions and then I will advise on what changes you can make in order to effectively and permanently lose weight.

The following session, three weeks later, allows us to customise the approach to ensure maximum effectiveness. As each person is different, each session will be different. For some, we will focus on psychological help to fight an addiction, for others we will concentrate on howto stay motivated. As each person is unique, each situation is different– so our approach is tailor-made. As part of the treatment I will train you how to self-hypnotise, this can help boost motivation and speed up weight loss.

As a complement to the hypnosis treatment I also practice EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique and Psych-k®. Through my study of homeopathy I have also found that Bach Flower Remedies may strengthen or facilitate positive change, I will give advice on the use of these where I feel it may be of benefit. All sessions are, of course, strictly confidential.

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Hypnose pour maigrir - Hypnose nutritionelle - Maud Poulet - hypnosis nutritiona

Weight loss and health

Do you have questions about losing weight?

Hypnose et infertilité - Hypnose nutritionelle - Maud Poulet - hypnosis nutritiona

Infertility and Pregnancy

Are you trying for a baby? Are you having difficulty conceiving?

hypnose pour enfants et adolescents

Hypnosis for children

Hypnosis session for children and teenagers